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HE-UVC Sterilizing Filter System

Stand-alone sterilizing filter, built with a sanitizable 304 stainless steel body, equipped with two stages of filtration and UVC lamps. With an essential and elegant design.


Phamm Engineering’s great manufacturing flexibility makes it possible to produce non-standard models according to customer specifications.

Production flexibility

The system is equipped with a powerful HEPA H14 filter that retains almost all pollutants about 99.995% for fine dust greater than 0.3 µm.

Also useful in case of allergies to dust and pollen. The machine is able to filter and sanitize the air at the same time without interrupting the work activity where it is placed, ensuring the health of the environment.

The air discharge of pollutants passes through a very powerful beam of light UVC rays. UVC lamps are able to neutralize viruses, bacteria and molds, making the parts that come into contact sterile.

This filter is also used in medical, biological safety laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories and in various other activities where it is necessary to purify the air.

The air is sucked in, filtered and returned to the environment. This guarantees an increase in internal recycling of the environments guaranteeing a reduction of airborne particulate, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Areas of application​​​




Air is drawn in, filtered and returned to the room. This ensures an increase in internal room recycles by ensuring a reduction in dispersed particulate matter, bacteria, viruses and airborne fungi.

The materials used ensure high efficiency.
The modularity of our products allow them to be expanded, reorganized and relocated quickly. Zones can be reorganized simply by changing their locations.
The variety of sizes offered ensures a wide choice.