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Cleanroom Products and Solutions for Clean Air in every manufacturing Environment

Who is Phamm Engineering?

Control of environmental parameters, product quality, personnel safety-this is Phamm Engineering, manufacturer of cleanroom, sterile (cleanroom) and related products to protect production processes that need contamination-controlled environments.

Thanks to its very high specialization, complete turnkey service and total quality offered, Phamm Engineering is now a reference point for the many businesses that need technological support in the establishment of cleanrooms.

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Our design method

Phamm’s quality is ensured by the use of advanced design systems that guarantee the highest levels of air purity control, by a heterogeneous and experienced operating team, by the production capacity that makes Phamm one of the few Italian companies to directly produce all the products handled, and by a technical study capable of providing answers to all kinds of needs.

Phamm Engineering designs, manufactures, installs and validates turnkey cleanrooms

Our certifications

Regulatory requirements regarding air quality in working environments and re-entry into the environment are met during the design phase, ensuring systems meet the requirements of ISO, UNI and current CEI and EEC ATEX standards and specific standards IE RP-006, US Federal Standard 209E, ISO 14644-1, US GMPs and EEC GMPs.

Phamm Engineering services

Phamm Engineering is distinguished by its efficient and comprehensive cleanroom services: from plant consulting and design to qualified service and maintenance support.