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Hoods Cross Down

Production flexibility

This type of hood is ideal for the containment of dust and particles that develop continuously within a working area. The down cross laminar flow hood has been designed with the aim of decontaminating a working area, where dust and particles develop continuously. The hood is generally used to protect machinery and operators, as well as the products themselves to be treated. The equipment is made entirely of AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel, with a bright or scotch brite external finish.

 All components are coplanar with each other, with rounded edges, which are easy to clean.

The Down Cross hood is equipped with constant flow electric fans, with direct current motor; an electronic module fixed directly to the motor ensures commutation of the rotor and control of its operation.

  The management of the operating point takes place through dedicated electronics, installed on the machine, which allows you to view and control the characteristics of the machine. The constant control of the flow rate, the display of the alarms that can be set, also reduce maintenance activities to a minimum, with optimal operation in all conditions. The machine works with partial recirculation

Areas of application





Phamm Engineering’s great manufacturing flexibility makes it possible to produce non-standard models according to customer specifications.

The materials used ensure high efficiency.
The modularity of our products allow them to be expanded, reorganized and relocated quickly. Zones can be reorganized simply by changing their locations.
The variety of sizes offered ensures a wide choice.